Importance of Mobile PPC Marketing for Local Businesses

General Jul 30, 2013 No Comments

Mobile PPC Marketing for Local BusinessesPay per click (PPC) campaigns have proven to be highly effective marketing tools in for local businesses.

With mobile internet and the proliferation of mobile phones and tablets growing by the day, the potential of mobile PPC campaigns has significantly increased – particularly for those companies who conduct business locally.

If you have a local business and you want to boost your company’s presence online in the local search results, investing in mobile PPC marketing can reap huge ROI rewards for companies that target local consumers.

Why invest in mobile PPC marketing?


Mobile PPC provides a huge targeting advantage for local businesses because of its granular nature. You can set up mobile specific campaigns (although it’s not necessary now with Adwords Enhanced Campaigns), custom mobile ads and ad extensions such as click to call or places extensions, etc. that target mobile users specifically.

Many businesses such as auto body shops or junk car buyers garner a large portion of their traffic from mobile sources, so advertising mobile-only campaigns gets your company in front of these users who are looking to buy NOW.

Campaign Efficiency

Mobile PPC marketing is also cost-effective compared to desktop PPC campaigns. In a research conducted by The Search Agency, costs of mobile marketing through smart phones are 48 percent cheaper than desktop-based marketing during the 3rd quarter of 2012.

Also, mobile PPC campaigns deliver higher click-through rates, which in turn means local businesses employing PPC campaigns on a mobile devices are likely to see an increase in traffic and conversion rates because your company is serving up mobile ads that are hyper-specific to what the local consumer is looking for.

This means you’ll be spending less for clicks, and have a higher probability of conversion.

Not Everyone Is Doing It

Another advantage locally-based mobile PPC advertising is you still have an early mover advantage to make your business stand out from the rest of the competition.

Not everyone is doing it, and if you’re ready to jump ahead of your competition by getting your business in front of highly qualified local customers, now’s the time to work mobile PPC into your online marketing strategy before everyone else catches on.

Each of these points outline why mobile internet users can be a huge potential market for local businesses and a well executed mobile PPC strategy can drawn them in and make a huge impact on your local business.